Get Together: „Frankfurt International im Frankfurter Hof“. Das hat schon Tradition. Hier kommen Menschen verschiedenster Nationen und Persönlichkeiten aus RheinMain miteinander ins Gespräch. Diesmal mit Tami Newton: attraktives Model und Autorin aus New York. Weiteres Thema des Abends: America meets Frankfurt. Dazu karibische Köstlichkeiten des Catering-Chefs Thorsten Neumann.


We all know that men love women and women love men. I’m not just talking about SEX.

I’m talking about a deep-seeded appreciation and respect between the two sexes. Men appreciate women for many reasons. And, why shouldn’t they? After all, we are fabulous, aren’t we? I mean. We are absolutely fabulous!

Women are the mothers of the human race. Women are the mothers of all mankind. The nine months of discomfort, swollen joints and excruciating pain makes a woman the ultimate image of respect. Let’s face it. If a man had to go through the process of childbirth, civilization would have ended with Adam and Eve!

Men also appreciate a woman’s overall femininity. Be it the sound of her voice, her scent, or the feel of her touch, men love the very essence of a woman. Though he probably won’t admit it, the average man is not complete without a woman.

Now, this brings me to us women. You know - a little sugar here, a little spice there. You know what I’m talking about.

Women understand the interconnectivity of men and women. We rely on the coexistence of the two sexes. To be honest, women have the deepest respect for men. We really do. In fact, so much so, we want to imitate men. Now, some of you will deny this, but we’ve even labeled ourselves “the modern woman”.

The “modern woman” will boast and brag about her own independence. She’ll let you know that she can do everything and anything by herself. And, I know what I’m talking about. Let me tell you. I’m a very modern woman! I see that many of you here tonight are also “modern women”. But! And this is a very big BUT. All the independence in the world doesn’t mean SHE wants to live her life without a HE, so long as it’s the right HE.

Believe me when I tell you how much I love my independence, but independence does not keep your bed warm at night, and I like body heat! So ladies, you can be as independent as you like, but don’t forget how to be a woman.

Men and women love, respect and need each other. We compliment one another, so why can’t we get along? Well, if you think back to yesteryear, men and women had very defined roles in society and in the relationship. Men protected and provided for their families, and women nurtured, comforted and raised the children. Well, today is a different day, and these roles are changing. Women are taking on more responsibility outside of the home, and men see this as an invasion of their territory. And, no matter how much we try to “sugarcoat” the facts, this changing of roles definitely creates an environment of competition between the two sexes.

Until men and women learn how to support each other on every level, the question “Why can’t men and women get along,” will never fully be answered.

Of course, there are many couples that have great relationships. This does not apply to you. I’m referring to the overall cohesiveness and harmony between men and women on a general level.


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Newton, Tami
Männer nach Maß
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September 2006
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Three friends in New York - Dori, Jesi and Irene - ready for anything and always on the lookout for Mr. Right. So, when they get invited to the grand opening of a new boutique, LeChic, they know they're in for a treat. LeChic has a revolutionary new concept - they sell men! Men in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. Women can buy their prospective partners right off the rack or have them custom-made, tailored to fit in all the right places. Though truly unconventional by any means, our trio find exactly what they're looking for just before the boutique closes. But, careful, what you buy isn't always what you want, or need, for that matter! Wrong size, the color doesn't do much for you, or maybe the whole thing just isn't your style. Needless to say, we oftentimes don't notice this until after we get our purchases home. Luckily, LeChic offers a full exchange service, which of course, our three heroines take full advantage of!


The Fashion Story 

Genieß es ein Madchen zu sein! von Tami Newton
Ein kleiner Engel ist geboren und Sie genießt ihre erstes Geschenk, das Leben. Der kleine Engel wächst und gedeit und Sie lernt viel, bis zum Tage als Sie zu einer schönen kleinen Princessin heran gewachsen ist. Dann genießt Sie ihr zweites Geschenk; Sie lernt wie man Aufmerksamkeit gewinnen kann. Langsam wird die junge Schönheit ein richtig kleines Fraulein und Sie macht sich bekannt mit ihrem dritten und meist geschätzten Geschenk, Sie versteht was von der Mode! Und eines Tages, ein Wunder ist geschehen, Sie wird plotzlich zum Frau. Unser kleines Fraulein wird erwachsen und mit ihr wachst der Humor, die Energie, der Wille und die Lust zum Leben und zur Fashion. Und da dies meine Liebe ist, habe ich auch Lust auf den Genuß ein Madchen zu sein!


von Tami Newton

Was ist die Mode eigentlich? Muß man unbedingt viel Geld ausgeben, um in Style zu bleiben? Na ja, erstens ist die Mode unterscheidlich und zweitens ist sie einzigartig. Um genauer zu sgen, die Mode kann alles sein aber teuer mußt nicht sein! Manchmal ist die Mode kompliziert, genau wie die Frauen und doch manchmal auch einfach, ganz easy zu verstehen. Wie auch immer ist die Mode reine Geschmacksache. Egal welchen Taste der Manne auch hat, muß die Mode, genauso wie die Frauen, mit Care behandelt werden.